Short summary
Online tool for making animated videos and presentations.

Learning how to use the app takes a lot of practice and experimentation, but after that it becomes routine. As it is a multipurpose tool, it is worth learning. Some of its functions may be familiar from other applications (Powerpoint,

It is an online application, the software itself cannot be downloaded to a computer.

There are free, browsable images, backgrounds, videos, objects, interactive elements, animated characters, sound- these can be inserted into the pages, but you can also upload your own objects and add voiceovers.

The pages you work on are displayed on the left side of the screen. You can add a new page here, and manage the transitions between them.

When adding content you can select text blocks, backgrounds, images, interactive elements, shapes, sound, etc. on the right side of the screen. Once selected, type a keyword in the search box. Specific free objects will be listed. Alternatively, you can use the "drag and drop" method to upload your own objects. You must clear the search box before any further searches.

Once selected, objects can be freely moved around and scaled. Their appearance and disappearance can be timed. The characters have their own built-in animation. The timing is supported by a timer bar. Each object can be split into its elements and can be timed and modified separately (e.g. colours, fonts, sizes, etc.) This is the difficult part, i.e. a lot of attention is needed to time and position the elements and objects simultaneously. This can be done by using the "lasso" method: using the mouse cursor to surround more elements and select them all together, so that their scaling and timing can be performed simultaneously.

It is also helpful to make the grid lines visible (by turning on the grid), i.e. to make the position of objects in relation to each other more transparent.

These techniques require some practice and experimentation, but later they become a routine.

The end product can be shared as a link, posted on social media, uploaded as a YouTube video, Vimeo video or downloaded as JPG, animated GIF, PDF and PPT. For premium users videos can also be downloaded in MP4 format and viewed offline.

  • once you have mastered the application, many functions are available
  • video creation is relatively simple
  • internal search facility available with several free objects
  • you can upload your own objects
  • can also handle sound
  • output looks good
  • easy to share
  • editing similar to other tools (e.g.
  • registration with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Office365 or Clever accounts
  • to set timing and animations is quite lengthy and time-consuming
  • in the free version the max. length of a video is 3 minutes
  • complex software, requires longer time to study and master
Usage in teaching/learning

The application is very popular among teachers who apply the Flipped Classroom method. You can create a PowToon animation that you share with students pre-class, instead of giving a frontal "lecture" to students at the beginning of the lesson.

This way they come to your class already having an idea about the topic and you can make more use of the classroom time, creating opportunities for active learning.

Type of tool

Video, animation

Video, animation

If you use a short video animation to explain part of the curriculum instead of giving your usual frontal talk in the classroom, you will surely get more out of it.

Videos should be mitovating and short, focusing on the most important points. This requires a new way of thinking about the curriculum. What are the elements that all my students can learn without my presence as a teacher?

Read about the Flipped Classroom method to learn why it is worth sharing videos pre-class with your students.

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Does the free version support online cooperation?
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