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How does this site help?

The topic of how to accelerate the digital transition concerns many people. Newer applications, learning content libraries, blog posts, online courses are emerging. Teachers themselves are forming and joining groups on social media platforms to exchange experiences. Monitoring these, we see that:

•    lists of digital devices appear from time to time, but then they are not updated;
•    in many cases, even a scanned worksheet is called digital because it has been uploaded somewhere;
•    we hardly find learning content elements for our classes - even if we choose a good interactive task after a long search, only a 5‑10 minute part of the lesson is covered;
•    advice given to each other on social media platforms are useful, but not traceable, the information is not systematically organized.

As a teacher and instructor, it is now a serious challenge to keep up with the development of digital technology. There are a lot of expectations towards teachers: to use digital tools effectively in education, to motivate students, to transfer the knowledge and skills needed for a successful exam, but also to adapt to the current needs of the labour market, considering the changed learning habits of students... – and even more.

The Digital Menu Card is both a methodological repository and a VET learning content library.

We offer you a "one-stop-shop", where
•    you can create an online lesson or project plan, save it, share it with others,
•    learn about educational methods that others have tried and successfully applied, including classroom management and assessment methods,
•    learn about various digital tools with examples,
•    browse, evaluate, use and modify other people's learning content.

Of course, it is impossible (and it is not our goal) to present the entire range. First and foremost, we want to inspire and help you gain the confidence to try out new devices on your own, and not to be embarrassed if changes in the applications you've used before occur.