Tanfolyam – lesson / project plan

Type of lesson / project plan
Lesson plan
Topic, learning area
Non-defining Relative Clauses
Vocational subject(s)
Competencies, skills to be developed
Communication and collaboration
Critical thinking, problem solving
Professional competencies, skills to be developed
Teaching method
Learning and development goals
By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify and use non-defining relative clauses in English sentences.
Required tools
Whiteboard and markers Handouts with exercises Projector or whiteboard for multimedia presentation Examples of sentences with non-defining relative clauses Small cards with sentences for a group activity
45 minutes
Introductory part and preparation of the lesson / project plan

Introduction (5 minutes):

  1. Begin with a quick review of defining relative clauses. Ask students to recall what they are and how they differ from non-defining relative clauses.
  2. Introduce the concept of non-defining relative clauses by explaining that these clauses provide extra information about a noun, but the sentence would still be complete without them.
  3. Show examples on the board and explain the use of commas to set off non-defining relative clauses.
Implementation of the lesson / project plan

Presentation (10 minutes):

  1. Use multimedia resources to present additional examples of sentences with non-defining relative clauses.
  2. Break down the sentences, highlighting the structure and the use of commas.
  3. Provide clear explanations and ask questions to ensure understanding.

Practice (15 minutes):

  1. Hand out worksheets with sentences containing errors related to non-defining relative clauses. Students should correct these errors individually.
  2. After completing the individual exercise, pair students and have them compare their answers.
  3. Discuss the corrections as a class, addressing any common mistakes.

Group Activity (10 minutes):

  1. Divide the class into small groups and distribute cards with sentences.
  2. Each group must identify the non-defining relative clauses in their sentences and explain the role of these clauses.
  3. Encourage discussion and collaboration within the groups.

Wrap-up and Homework (5 minutes):

  1. Review the key points of the lesson, emphasizing the use of non-defining relative clauses.
  2. Assign homework, which could include writing sentences with non-defining relative clauses or identifying them in a short text.
Evaluation plan

Assessment: Assess students' understanding through class participation, the correction of exercises, and their performance in the group activity. Provide feedback on their correct usage of non-defining relative clauses and address any persistent errors.

Homework, project task

writing sentences with non-defining relative clauses or identifying them in a short text.