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A framework for gamification.

A World of Warcraft (WoW) style game that turns learning into a role-play, thus motivating learners.
The teacher is the game master who challenges the students (solving tasks, completing quizzes).
Students can join via this page with a code received from the teacher, after registration:

Characters have unique abilities and development strategies:

  • warrior - ability to hunt: may eat in class; must protect teammates
  • wizard/magician - invisibility: may be 2 minutes late for class, exempt from answering questions; must charge teammates with AP (Action Points)
  • healer - can wear headphones in class and listen to music; if teammates' HP (Health Point) is reduced, he/she helps.

  • develops skills
  • playful learning and assessment
  • learners can work in groups and motivate each other
  • supports differentiation
Usage in teaching/learning

This dynamic environment of gamification (where students work on interactive maps and complete levels, earn rewards) can be used to teach almost any subject.

Students are engaged in an online role-play, but the rewards/punishments are real - increasing their engagement and motivation.

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Read about gamification - an innovative teaching-learning method - on our website here.

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