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A collection of courses and other learning materials for university students and graduates.

MIT Open Courseware is the open source courseware collection site of the Massachusets Institute of Technology. The platform contains courses mainly for undergraduate students and graduate professionals in a well-structured format, categorized by scientific areas of study. Hundreds of courses are available, along with podcasts, videos, academic-level commentaries on the latest research trends in a particular discipline or topic, interviews, etc.

Front Page

Searching the site is easy, but it also offers several options. You can search by topic. In this case, records are available by specialties. You can search by course code (i.e. the "bird language" reserved for MIT professors and students). You can also search by departmental logic. Additional ways to search for course materials that cannot be placed according to these filters are searching by collection and browsing by transdisciplinary subjects. The most appropriate ways of searching for an external user, searching are by subject, collection and transdisciplinarity.


The structure of the thematic search follows the logic of field (e.g. humanities) - science (e.g. history) - discipline (e.g. history of Europe). For the other two search methods, the search menu itself contains the grouping by subject without further subdivision. Clicking on the appropriate subject will bring up a list of records in that category. The results cover a very wide range of subjects, from business to neurobiology, and are therefore an excellent orientation and self-learning tool for teachers of English.

Topic Search

The site also provides materials for secondary school teachers. The second category in the main menu, "For Educators", is a teaching interface for secondary school teachers. This menu contains a whole range of interesting and educational material that can be used in secondary school teaching.

High School

Clicking on the appropriate category will take you to the MIT OCW affiliated website, where you can find teaching materials available for secondary education. Here you can search in the same way as on the main site: by category, you will find a list of MIT courses that can be used in secondary education.

Secondary education

Returning to the Teachers' Surface, you will find podcasts and the OCW Educator Portal, which is also located in the Teachers' Zone.


On the OCW Educator Portal, you can find various homework and essay samples, audio-video lectures, exam questions, etc. related to each discipline for your teaching.

Educational Resources

Opening the courses, assignments, etc. you are looking for is always done in the same way: you select the content you want to open from the li st of results and, if it won’t open with a single click, you can access the selected learning material by using the dialogue box that appears.

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