Christmas Habits in Hungary – lesson / project plan

Type of lesson / project plan
Lesson plan
Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary
Topic, learning area
Extending vocabulary, Present Simple
Competencies, skills to be developed
Communication and collaboration
Media literacy
Social and intercultural skills
Professional competencies, skills to be developed
communication - team work - managing information in oral and written context - digital competences - creativity - understanding information from a new text - interaction
Teaching method
flipped classroom
General subject(s)
Learning and development goals
Knowing how to celebrate Christmas in Hungary - knowing different habits at different part of Hungary - knowing the origin of Christmas - widening vocabulary
Christmas, habits, traditions
Required tools
tablet, smartphone, laptop, internet access
45 min.
Introductory part and preparation of the lesson / project plan

At the end of the previous lesson the teacher speaks about the upcoming topic: how we celebrate Christmas in Hungary, and asks the students to collect information in their families and surroundings. 

Before the class the teacher searches for suitable videos that contain the required vocabulary and present simple tense. 

The teacher shares the video links with the students and asks them to watch the videos before the class. She asks them to identify the English words and expressions still unknown and look for their translations in an online English dictionary.



Implementation of the lesson / project plan

- Organization – 2 min. – checking the presence list

- Motivation – 3 min. – talking


Have they all watched the videos?

Do you know what we celebrate in Christmas?

Have you seen similar habits in the video to yours?

- Preparation – 4 min. – dialogue, instructions

What new words and expression have you heard in the video?

Have you understood each of them?

- Processing new knowledge – 30 min. – dialogues, pair work

Christmas is coming....what preparations are you doing in this period of time?

Christmas shopping

Gifts shopping

Christmas cooking, recipes

Christmas and religion

Christmas events in the school

- Consolidation of the new knowledge – 5 min. – instructions, dialogue

Group of students summarize their topics (e.g. Christmas meals, school events)

What habits have they found that are not in the videos?

- Assessment – 1 min. – announcement, dialogue

Assessment of class work and group work

Evaluation of the videos

Personal skills: - development of social competence using cooperative methods. - independence - problem-solving - creativity - cooperation
Evaluation plan

One represantative of each group summarizes the group's opinion and comments on the jobs done by the other groups. Each group will be evaluated by the other groups reagerding the aspects that have been set before the evaluation phase (What was good; what went wrong).


The groups are formed regarding the level of the knowledge of the students: they will be mixed.  each group has one "speaker" who has nice verbal skills and one who is a bit better in English than the majority of the group. 

Homework, project task

Think about what traditions they want to keep when they grow up.