Tipo di metodo
Creative techniques
Breve sintesi
A method for generating ideas that will provide a solution to a problem

A method for generating ideas that will provide a solution to a problem. The aim is to generate as many ideas as possible that can then be evaluated at a later date.

When applying the method, follow this process:

Group Size: 5-15 (critical mass)
it also depends on the group composition and group leader

Composition of the group:
creative people, NOT dominant
heterogeneity, experts also from other areas

tasks: team assembly, coordination, preventing criticism

Expected results for creative groups:
50 – 200 ideas  –  5% useful

  • requires an environment where people feel free to express the most impossible and improbable solutions to problems without having the fear of criticism or judgment by others
  • original and spontaneous thinking is necessary
Vantaggi del metodo
  • You don't have to be a highly qualified expert or highly paid consultant to use it
  • Easy to understand - it's not a complicated technique
  • It is inexpensive
  • If controlled properly it is a quick way of generating ideas
  • Encourages creative thinking and thinking "out of the box"
  • Generates ideas and solutions that can be used elsewhere
  • Provides an opportunity for widespread participation and involvement
Debolezze e rischi connessi all'uso del metodo e strategie per superarli
  • Can take too much time if the group is not properly controlled and is allowed to run for too long
  • Participants must be aware of raising expectations of the brainstorming group by considering ideas that will never be implemented
Dritte per l'applicazione del metodo
  • NO criticism
  • enter Emotions
  • use Associations
  • relaxation, entertainment
  • search for unusual solutions
Feedback di docenti e studenti

Students generally find a highly structured and moderated brainstorming session interesting and engaging.

Autore del metodo
Hegedüs Helén