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Quizlet is a versatile online flashcard application

A Quizlet is a versatile online flashcard application. It is suitable for creating sets of flashcards for any subject.

Within the app, automatic reading of your flashcards may be requested- in 18 languages. The course material is accessible regardless of place, as the uploaded materials are available both online and offline.

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The app creates multiple learning paths and practice opportunities from the very same deck of flashcards:


  • flashcards that can be "flipped" with a click. Displays the questions and answers, the latter can be listened to


  • mixes the answers to all questions
  • gives learners the opportunity to read the questions and find out the answers so that they can correct themselves if the answer was incorrect


  • type the correct answer
  • in case of an incorrect answer, students can read the question and the answer in order to cement their knowledge acquisition


  • turns the deck of cards into a quiz
  • questions are randomly sequenced
  • test and students' answers can be printed


  • Matching game
  • the answers must be linked to the questions
  • if they are correctly matched, they disappear
  • at the end, a ranking is displayed based on the students' answer times


  • questions and answers appear as asteroids
  • asteroids falling towards the earth have 1 word in them each, the pair of which must be typed before the asteroid reaches the bottom of the screen

By clicking the Live button, the system uses the flashcards to generate a quiz which can be used in real time in the classroom or even for distance learning.

  • enables differentiated learning pathways
  • enables a wide range of practice and learning with one learning card package
  • quick and easy setup and use
  • certain features (adding media content, tracking student results) are only available in the paid version
Usage in teaching/learning
  • Individual practice, memorisation.
  • Playful quiz during the lesson.
Type of tool

Interactive exercises

Interactive exercises

Using the tools listed below, you can create online exercises by inserting images, audio and video files. Browse through exercises created by others and modify them to suit your own purposes.

You can use the exercises you have created over and over again in the classroom or online.



Read about gamification - an innovative teaching-learning method - on our website here.

Quiz, test, voting

Quiz, test, voting

Online tests and quizzes can be re-used and shared - no problem if you want to use for practice.

There is usually a wide range of question types to choose from and the evaluation is much easier than with traditional tests.

Some of the tools below can also be used to collect quick feedback, at a given point of time, even anonymously, so that the teacher can always get an idea of how well the students have understood the material.

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Does it have a built-in repository where we can browse content created by other teachers?
Does the free version support online cooperation?
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