Short summary
Mind mapping application.

In we can indicate relationships and hierarchy using different colors and sizes.

  • We can have max. 3 mindmaps in the free version.
  • Online collaboration works in the premium version only.
  • Images can only be attached when using the premium version.
Usage in teaching/learning

We can create a mind maps (or concept map) to support brainstorming, or to summarize a topic. 


When teaching a foreign language we can ask students to create a mind map of the words they already know in a certain topic. Later this can be extended as their vocabulary is getting richer.

house mind map

Type of tool

Mind map

What is a mind map?

A mind map is a visual tool for structuring thoughts. It is a hierarchical diagram of everything that has been discussed. Key ideas/text/symbols/colours helps trigger mind flow and more detailed explanation to the presenter.

Happiness mindmap

What is it good for?

As a study aid — the visual element is great at triggering memories.
Researching new products and developing new ideas — as you discuss topics, they are recorded, allowing you to track idea development more easily, and for visualization for multiple people.
As a problem-solving tool — helpful in brainstorming problems and building on ideas to determine solutions.
As a presentation method — one is able to show how a process was developed, visualizing alternatives and topics discussed.

  1. Start with a focus - This idea or thought needs to be the center of your mind map. 
  2. Plot sub-groups - From your main idea, you will determine key areas, which are sub-groups of your focus.
  3. Develop further - Each of your sub-groups will likely to have their own set of sub-groups (use of a single keyword).
  4. ExpandAdd additional facts, pictures, symbols etc.
  5. Add connections between (sub)groups to present interrelations.

An example

COVID-19 Mind map


Did you know?

1970 - British psychologist Tony Buzan popularized the term mind map.


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