Verb Tenses – lesson / project plan

Type of lesson / project plan
Project plan
Topic, learning area
Foreign language learning
Vocational subject(s)
Competencies, skills to be developed
ICT skills
Communication and collaboration
Creativity and innovation
Flexibility and adaptability
Professional competencies, skills to be developed
english grammar
Teaching method
General subject(s)
Learning and development goals
At the end of the project students will have a personalized way to overview the english verb tenses
Required tools
computer, smartphone
3-5 lessons
Materials released before class or for a project

Students can use all materials we have used before eg.: students book, exercise book, additional papers

Introductory part and preparation of the lesson / project plan

We have coverd the six basic tenses and the present and past perfect tenses during the previous years.

Implementation of the lesson / project plan

Students will work in small gorups of 3 or 4 and with the help of their previous notes and knowledge on the topic they have to create a new structure to explain the verb tenses. They may use any kind of material they find online or in their books/notes. I am mostly observing, sometimes helping, when asked. 


Used digital devices
Evaluation plan

Students are required to create a poster like page of each verb tense with explanation and examples. They may use links, videos, pictures in order to help them reach their goals which is basically to explain these grammatical structures as simple as possible for them. Creating a personalized set of grammar structures.


I divide the groups in the class so that students with similar skills and levels would work together and come up with works tailored to their own levels.

Homework, project task

We start the work at school, do the basics in class and when the rules and examples are done and in place, they have to finish their work at home creating a colourful and interactive version of the work they have done in class.

As a test I have created an online quiz which we are going to do in the end of this project to check students knowledge.