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The simplest app for creating videos.

With this app you can create impressive animations in no time, even if you've never done it before. You can choose from ready-made scenes and then just add music and text.

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It is easy to use without previous experience in video making.

Utilizzo per l'insegnamento/apprendimento

Using the Flipped Classroom method, this tool is great for making your first videos.

Take the part of the lesson where you would like to introduce new knowledge (i.e. give a lecture) and create a video about it instead. Share it with the students before the lesson. Make sure the video is no longer than a few minutes, it is motivating and to the point.

This way students will come to the lesson already tuned to the topic and you will have more time for active learning - practising and applying what they have learned.

The video will also be useful for students who are not able to attend the lesson.

Video tutorial

Tipologia di strumento

Video, animation

Video, animation

If you use a short video animation to explain part of the curriculum instead of giving your usual frontal talk in the classroom, you will surely get more out of it.

Videos should be mitovating and short, focusing on the most important points. This requires a new way of thinking about the curriculum. What are the elements that all my students can learn without my presence as a teacher?

Read about the Flipped Classroom method to learn why it is worth sharing videos pre-class with your students.

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