Desert Island – piani di lezione e project task completati

Tipologia di piano
Piano di lezione
Arts and humanities
Argomento / Materia
Conditionals, grammar
Competenze e abilità da sviluppare
ICT skills
Initiative and self-direction
Communication and collaboration
Creativity and innovation
Metodo didattico
Materie di interesse generale
Obiettivi di apprendimento
Students revise and practise the grammar material they have previously learned
first, second, third conditional
Strumenti necessari
90 minutes
Introduzione e preparazione della lezione / project task

If it could be attached, it would be ppt, so we can use the pdf to guide the frame story in more modest circumstances. 

Pg. 0-5: Warm up - Students collect words/phrases on mentimeter with "desert island" theme. 

Pg. 5-10: Shipwreck - Students randomly choose one of a variety of character cards for themselves, based on which they have to "rescue 5 assets from a sinking ship". 

Realizzazione della lezione / project task

P.10-30: Staying alive - Three groups are formed randomly, from now on you have to work together in groups. The three groups are formed in three different locations: coastal, mountain, jungle. Here they have to design a house/shelter together (drawn on paper) using the tools available.

P. 30-45: SOS - Students have to write 10 sentences in first conditional on redmenta with ideas for escape from the island (e.g. If we can cut down a tree, we'll be able to light a huge fire)

P. 45-60: A year later - They have lost all hope of escape, so in the second conditional they have to write a diary entry about what they would do if they got out. They then show this to someone in the group, correcting each other for any mistakes. 

P. 60-75: Escaping - Students have to solve a Kahoot quiz to get off the island. 

P. 75-90: Back home - Students in groups of three (one person from each location) discuss what they experienced on the island, what they did, ate, drank, etc. 

Applicazioni utilizzate
Programma di valutazione

For redmenta, teacher assessment, Kahoot automatically assesses the answers, supplemented by teacher assessment, while for one of the independent tasks, peer assessment can be used, of course with the teacher's help where appropriate.


Groups tend to have different levels of language skills, so this is something to keep in mind. Where appropriate, in pairs or groups of three, pairs/groups can be set up so that a higher level learner can help the weaker ones.

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