Kurze Zusammenfassung
Turns images to video within minutes.

Animoto is for creating so called „slideshow videos”. You may search for free images on the net, but you can also upload your own images or videos. You can insert music in it, either adding your own, or selecting one offered by the programme.


Very easy to learn how to use, highly recommended for beginners in video making.


Its simplicity is also a drawback, as its functions are limited.

Verwendung beim Lehren/ Lernen

Like other video making apps, it is recommended for teachers who are applying the Flipped Classroom method, especially those who are new to video making. With this app you will experience success in a short time.

Animoto is not only recommended for learning. It can be used to create greetings (Christmas, birthday), or even a video from the pictures taken on a class trip, which students can create themselves in no time. The only limit is creativity.


Art des Tools

Video, animation

Video, animation

If you use a short video animation to explain part of the curriculum instead of giving your usual frontal talk in the classroom, you will surely get more out of it.

Videos should be mitovating and short, focusing on the most important points. This requires a new way of thinking about the curriculum. What are the elements that all my students can learn without my presence as a teacher?

Read about the Flipped Classroom method to learn why it is worth sharing videos pre-class with your students.

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