Kurze Zusammenfassung
online, real-time response to presenter questions, feedback, evaluation

Mentimeter is a really convenient interactive presentation tool that can be used to collect student feedback instantly, helping to provide immediate feedback before, during or after a teacher's presentation.

Users may quickly determine the mood of the class, the level of understanding, moreover, it can even be used as a digital exit card.

Creating a word cloud is within reach, which is an excellent way of organizing and highlighting information.

  • anonymous response
  • you can vote by code, QR code or link
  • results can be incorporated into a website
  • no interface in Hungarian or Slovenian
  • the free version is limited:
    • the number code is only valid for 2 days
    • a presentation can only consist of 2 slides
    • only 5 questions per quiz
    • no shared editing
Verwendung beim Lehren/ Lernen

Because of its easy use, it's quick and simple to prepare, or even edit on the spot if the class situation requires it.

The answering process is also effortless: it can be done from any online device by entering the code on the slide on, so the whole class can answer at the same time.

It can also be used for comments, feedback and polls while working with colleagues or parents.


Mentimeter Tutorial - Create your first Mentimeter presentation


Sample for Scales and Word Cloud slide

Live results of the sample are available here.

Art des Tools



Using one of the tools below instead of the usual - and let's face it, often boring - PowerPoint presentation will surely result in success.

Being short of time, you can turn a previously prepared ppt into a video in just a few steps. Choose Save As, then save the presentation as .mp4 and you're done.

Quiz, test, voting

Quiz, test, voting

Online tests and quizzes can be re-used and shared - no problem if you want to use for practice.

There is usually a wide range of question types to choose from and the evaluation is much easier than with traditional tests.

Some of the tools below can also be used to collect quick feedback, at a given point of time, even anonymously, so that the teacher can always get an idea of how well the students have understood the material.

Word cloud

Word cloud

Word clouds display keywords and concepts related to a specific topic. They turn words into pictures to help us visualise and memorise them. To create a word cloud, simply enter the list of words you want to use, then choose a format from a list of predefined options - or upload your own images.

While creating a word cloud (for example, when summarising a topic)

  •     students can create;
  •     teachers will know what students remembered from the topic;
  •     the completed word cloud can become part of the decoration in the classroom.
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