Book Creator

Kurze Zusammenfassung
Book Creator is an online web application that we can use to create virtual books (e-books).

Book Creator requires an account creation and registration by the user.

home page of Book creator

You can also sign in to the app with a Google or Microsoft account or a QR code. If you've got for example a Google Account, use that to sign in. You can sign in with your account as a simple user or as a teacher. To log in as a teacher, you must indicate this role during registration.

social login

Book Creator supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox or Opera).

supported browsers

By clicking on the app, you can create books with one click, to which you can add any number of pages.

create new book

We can edit our book in a variety of formats. The application provides templates to determine the size of the sheets.

choosing book shapes

In the same way, you can choose between different ready-made designs if you do not want to bother with individual design.


The app allows you to add a variety of custom embellishments and content to your work, as well as choose settings and sharing options.

We can place various contents on our pages:

import media


  • You can import content (images, text, Youtube or other video, Google Maps, files from your computer, files stored in Google Drive).
  • You can embed various Internet files (e.g. movies, learning cubes, Redmenta tests, etc.).
  • You can create drawings and graphics with the drawing toolbar and add different symbols to your work.
  • You can take photos and record videos with your webcam.
  • You can use your device's voice recorder to add audio recordings to the book.

The design of the pages can be adjusted using various templates: basic colors, different patterns and textures, and so on can be added as a background to the book.

set up colors, patterns, borders, textures of slides

We can also edit the size, properties, and depth position of our images.

The completed work must be published on the Internet.

share book on internet

We can make the work available to our students by providing a link.

provide link to students


  • Easy to use with any device (tablet, phone, laptop, desktop).
  • Until you create 40 books, all of its features are free.
  • It is a flexible, versatile application that allows the integration of online and offline content.
  • Provides the ability to connect and download content from your own Google Drive.
  • It provides free storage space for your own webcam to record audio, video attached to our curriculum.
  • Our works will only become public if we publish them.
  • Allows multiplayer editing.
  • It is possible to invite an assistant teacher, so we can edit our curriculum together with our colleagues.
  • It is possible to share our libraries.
  • A limited number of published materials prepared by others are also available.
  • It has its own computer application that can be downloaded and used from the desktop without a browser.
  • There is no classroom function inbuilt and it is not SCORM-compliant. But links to quiz editors with a classroom function, such as Redmenta, can be embedded.
  • Beyond 40 works it requires payment.
  • It has no mobile phone app.
Verwendung beim Lehren/ Lernen
  • Can be used as a presentation in the classroom.
  • It is recommended for individual lessons and homework, when we assign the student to process information on short films, websites, additional illustrative images, audio materials, maps, etc. related to each detail of the interactive images. while performing tasks embedded in the book.
  • We can also sort out joint projects to students as group work, as Book Creator allows works that can be edited by others.
  • You can embed quizzes and gamified quizzes from other applications.
  • It also has a text recognition and reading function that allows self-directed learning even for students with a poor level of reading comprehension.
  • Suitable for summative, developer evaluation: in the form of creating an e-portfolio.
Art des Tools

Interactive book creator

Interactive textbook editor

With the following tools you can create your own interactive book without any previous editorial experience, and even involve others (colleagues, students) in the process.

You can create learning material with embedded video or audio files, quizzes and other exercises. These tools can also be used to e-portfolios.

When ready, the e-book can be easily shared and published.

Free version available
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